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Diesel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

Our Brisbane based team of professionals have developed a unique, non-toxic and eco-friendly fuel restoration system that will maintain the condition of your tank and allow you to achieve optimal performance from your fuel.

The technology works on a molecular level, whereby the fuel is passed through the system to break up and remove any fuel contaminants that are present (such as diesel bug and water); restoring the fuel to premium condition and prolonging the life of your tank.

We are specialists in tank cleaning & fuel restoration; offering full fuel maintenance services to all commercial, industrial & marine clients throughout QLD and Northern NSW.

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  • Storage Tanks
  • Fuel Stations
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Boats

Our point of difference

We have found a product that can clean varnish/tar out of diesel tanks which people in the industry have been doing the old-school way of cutting and cleaning out tanks completely by hand.

We can clean diesel fuel tanks with a solution and then, take the product out which will clean the tank better as we can get to every side of the baffles without cutting exclusively in the tank or removing them from the vessel.

What does the varnish do?

  • blocks up pipe work 
  • blocks up fuel filters 
  • coats injector pumps up and injectors making them stick or not work correctly and causing engine damage


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