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Our Brisbane based team of professionals have developed a unique, non-toxic and eco-friendly fuel restoration system that will maintain the condition of your tank and allow you to achieve optimal performance from your fuel.

The technology works on a molecular level, whereby the fuel is passed through the system to break up and remove any fuel contaminants that are present (such as diesel bug and water); restoring the fuel to premium condition and prolonging the life of your tank.

We are specialists in tank cleaning & fuel restoration; offering full fuel maintenance services to all commercial, industrial & marine clients throughout QLD and Northern NSW.

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Eliminate Contamination
In Storage Tanks

Protects tanks from bacteria that oxides your tanks and filter housings

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Increase Equipment Reliability
In Fuel Stations

Avoid damaging your injector pump valves by cleaning the diesel on a regular basis.

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Reduce Moisture Content
In Fuel Tankers

Clean contaminated fuel by removing water and diesel bugs.

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Improve Performance
In Boats

Let your Diesel burn better with cleaned, catterlized and polished fuel

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