Diesel Fuel Additives

Diesel Fuel Additives

Fuelmaster has been tested and proven to clean and care for the entire fuel system from storage tanks right through to combustion.

This fuel treatment is designed to improve the quality of your fuel without voiding your engine warranty. There are no better diesel fuel additives on the market, so protect your vehicle with Fuelmaster today!

Fuelmaster effectively treats
problems such as:

  • Diesel bug "black death"
  • Bacteria & fungus
  • Blocked filters/blocked injectors
  • Engine hard to start
  • Too much black smoke coming out of the exhaust

Fuelmaster's advanced technology helps contain unexpected expenses by the following benefits:

  • Inhibits carbon deposits
  • Lubricates top end, fuel pumps & injectors
  • Stabilises fuel & extends storage life
  • Prevents tank corrosion
  • Eliminates Fungus & bacteria
  • Neutralises acids in aged fuel

What's so special about Fuelmaster?

Fuelmaster reacts chemically with water and bonds it to the fuel molecule (it is no longer a water molecule) and it can now burn off harmlessly. This has been tested and proven.

How does water get into the fuel?

Well, nature itself adds to the problems of the end user of the diesel, because fuel is handled several times before arriving in your tanks.

At each handling stage there is a possibility of contamination by water or airborne microbes (Hormoconis Resinae). It can also enter your fuel via breather pipes.

Fuelmaster can also be used in petrol engines to remove fungus, gum, varnish, carbon and water and Fuelmaster can be used in bunker fuels as well. To find out more about this great diesel additive, please contact us, we’re more than happy to explain exactly how the additive works and what ratio works best for your fuel system.

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